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In 2020, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, MAB award was transformed into the “Save Schools” project Re_Star

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Rossella Brescia

Rossella Brescia

Rossella Brescia: you are a fully-fledged artist, who is able to move with versatility and talent from theatre, to television, to radio, from leading a TV show to ballet … what role did dance have in your life and in your profession?

Dance played a predominant role in my life; it trained me to face life. Dance is culture, passion and stubbornness. The teachings of this extraordinary discipline have been precious to me also for the other jobs I have done. The dance takes kids off the streets and gives you a discipline for life.

Always the organisers of the MAB Award have chosen you as host of the prestigious event dedicated to the emerging excellences of ballet. What is for you the value of the meeting with young dancers of the Award named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi?

Firstly, I am honoured by this renewed invitation, because I believe in the honesty and professionalism of this competition. I am grateful to MAB, and I also am speaking on behalf of youths, because we understand difficult it is to receive such an opportunity! Meeting with young dancers behind the scenes always has a certain impact on me, because I fully understand what they are feeling and I understand their immense joy in being able to perform at finals in front of great international masters!

“Dance as a way of life” … but is it possible to live and to dance today based on your experience?

Unfortunately, the period of time we are living in it is not bright and therefore the crisis is felt in all fields, but I hope that the opportunities for art and culture will never cease to exist.

What do you wish for MAB Award candidates, this year as numerous and coming from all over the world?

My greatest wish is for them to return home with beautiful memories, with the idea of having had a great experience and, above all full, of certainties and extra stimuli! For those who win I say “toi toi toi”, as it is used in the performing arts’ world.

Rossella Brescia
A prominent personality in the world of entertainment and a professional dancer who embodies the values of the MAB Award in terms of the indispensable contribution of the art of dance to human, as well as professional, achievements. Rossella Brescia is confirmed to be the host of the event.
“It’s always a beautiful evening marked by great professionalism, high standard and, above all, great opportunities for young people and for their future, especially with a very important special award, unique in the history of competitions… a splendid event, really supporting arts.”

Rossella Brescia on the MAB Award gala evening.