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Among the students of the Artistic Residences MAB 2024, the M Posa. Francesco (teacher of reference for modern technology) selects Alessia Boccagni and Denise Boccagni (Teatro Oscar Milano – dir. M. Cagnani), Andrea De Giosa (Pas De Deux- dir. P. Tedone) , Giuseppe Fava (Liceo Coreutico G. Verga Modica.- dir. A. Moltisanti ) and Alessia Bertoldi (Asd ARABESQUE – dir. A. Sormani) , for the realization of a choreographic project, at Carducci Association of Como. The creation, entitled “Awakenings”, brings young dancers closer to the world of professionalism, also through a video production path, dedicated to the national and international circuitry of the performance.