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14th Maria Antonietta Berlusconi International Classical Dance Award for Young People

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14th Maria Antonietta Berlusconi International Classical Dance Award for Young People

La vita che danza – Life that dances. Stories from the International Ballet Award Maria Antonietta Berlusconi for the Young.

Book in advance our book, Part of the proceeds will be donated To Fast Italia, an association active in research into Angelman syndrome.

Written by Gisella Zilembo and Silvia Cadrega
Official photographs Cristiano Castaldi

The story of MAB, the award inspired by the visionary and concrete work of Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, the “Signora Etta”, is a story of commitment and passion, determination and joy, humility and courage, friendship and love.
It is the story of the universal values that the wonderful discipline of dance, like life, requires and carries with it.
Founded in 2010 on the initiative of the Berlusconi Beretta family, the Prize is inspired by the vision of Maria Antonietta, who dedicated her life to Ballet, passing on to young people the values of sharing, commitment and self-care that this wonderful discipline entails.
The book recounts the birth and founding principles of the Award, the various initiatives that MAB Association put in place for young people, the protagonists of the world of dance and entertainment who have contributed and still contribute to its success. At the heart of the book there are the representative stories of young people who, thanks to MAB’s concrete and generous help, have been able to realize their dreams. Stories of young dancers, ballerinas  and choreographers, to whom the Award has given extraordinary opportunities for personal and professional growth, opening to them the doors of the world of Dance, through prestigious institutions and organisations in Italy and abroad.

Gisella Zilembo. Graduated in performing arts disciplines, stage coach and event manager, she takes care of the artistic direction of seminars and festivals all over the world. She is general manager of MAB Award.

Accredited MAB 2023 schools

Accredited schools are those schools that share MAB’s vision and projects and marry them continuously, during the academic year, for training dedicated to their students.

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