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15 years at the service of talent, in the name of a great dream

2024 is, by association MAB, a special year, that of its fifteenth anniversary: an important moment and an opportunity for reflection on the future, but also on the roots of a reality now present and recognized throughout the world, which is born from daily commitment, unshakeable and passionate of many, with the firm intention of celebrating talent, through the magical human kaleidoscope of Classical Dance, in the name and thanks to the example of Mrs Etta.

MAB is the acronym of Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, but it is first and foremost, an ethical heritage: the desire to be at the service of young people and their dreams, with the responsibility to make them true, to give hope by building perspective, as in the intentions carried out by the founder and first artistic director, the master Roberto Fascilla.

On this basis, the 2024 edition of the International Prize of Classical Dance (conceived by Gisella Zilembo, at the request of the Beretta Berlusconi family), celebrated at the Gala of the AIEF Association for Childhood and Adolescence (pres. Tommaso Varaldo), at the Castle of Lucento, on 19 November.
During the evening, next to Albano Carrisi, in the presence of an audience composed of prominent personalities, including Mariella Enoc, perform three young talents MAB: Chiara Liberto, Ismaele Narcisi and Noemi Cobelli, with a firm will to establish socially meaningful connections.

Immediately thereafter, the MAB management flies to Finland on an official visit to the Turku Municipality and the City Polytechnic, to lay the foundations for a collaboration, aimed at strengthening the links between the realities involved, promoting Art as a prerequisite for a healthy society.

So, at the return, on the occasion of the celebrations of December 2 at the Papermoon Garden in Milan, the President, Silvio Andrea Beretta, announces the transformation of the Award “Joy of Dancing – Sabrina Beretta” in a donation to the Charity Partner, inaugurating a tradition that reinvigorates the social character, always essential for the association.

Just the cut strongly intended to highlight the link between Art and Philanthropy, December 7, is worth to the Association MAB the Civic Merit Ambrogio d’oro, awarded by the city of Milan, at the Teatro Dal Verme.

At the same time, the 2024 Call for Proposals is launched and the names of the artistic directors of the 15th year are announced (exceptionally two, on the occasion of the important event):
Lizt Alfonso (who take up the baton of Julio Bocca and prepares to welcome in Cuba a delegation MAB in early January, for the special MAB Habana, in collaboration with Ballet Beyond Borders) and Salvatore Manzo (first winner in 2010, recently named Etoile of the Teatro San Carlo of Naples. To him, the honor of leading, during the final of June 9 at the Teatro Manzoni, the jury composed of the triumphants of the first editions).

In the meantime, the formative appointments continue, for the young people who choose dedication to study and are passionate about dance knowledge.

On December 15, at the Teatro Manzoni, the show “What i Want for Christmas”, announced on TV by Federica Panicucci in Mattino 5, co-produced by Influendo srl, conceived and directed by Gisella Zilembo, as a result of a workshop of Theater Coaching and Mindfulness applied to the Performing Arts. Among the protagonists, Noemi Cobelli, Andrea Cheldi, winner of the MAB Prize 2023 and Ester Papini, finalist in the same edition, who share the stage with artists of different backgrounds and emerging talents of the MAB circuit.

Also in December, Gisella Zilembo, meets the students of the Liceo Coreutico Candiani Baush, to illustrate the history and intentions of Ass. MAB and conduct a seminar, in collaboration with Francesco Posa.

At the same time, at the convention center of AC Hotel by Marriott Milan Sesto, dozens of young dancers from all over Italy take part in intensive courses, valid for access to Artistic Residences (theoretical and practical in-depth events, held at the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan, in collaboration with accredited training centres) and receive a surprise message of encouragement for their further training at MAB, Marianela Nunez, connected from London.

At the start of the Artistic Residences, in the dense programming of the association, is combined, in January, in addition to the official visit to Cuba, President Silvio Andrea Beretta, General Manager Gisella Zilembo, Claudia Zaccari and the teacher Patrizia Tosi, the traditional appointment with Igal Perry, with a special Masterclass Audition, in Turin (at the affiliated studio MAB Magdeleine G), for admission to the educational programs of Peridance, famous New York Academy.

It is at PERIDANCE that, during the spring study trip and in conjunction with the third edition of MAB USA, at the KNJ Theater, in March, the international certification program for teachers will be launched, dedicated exclusively to the owners of the centers belonging to the circuit schools MAB. It is a project of the highest importance, for the ratification of the skills of teachers, with a certificate of professionalism issued by a training center of undisputed world reference.

In February, meanwhile, a delegation composed of the dancers of Teatro Oscar at Studio Danza Arabesque (always MAB accredited schools) will be guest, representing the network, the Performing Arts Academy of Huittinen, led by prof. Evan Schoombie, thanks to the international study program directed by Gisella Zilembo.

Although it is only the beginning and the coming months promise great news, the calendar full of appointments of MAB, back to mean the history of the Association as that of a culture of “doing”, in the name of a great dream: that of Mrs Etta, who has been living and growing in his beloved children for fifteen years.