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Foreign winners and Italian finalists MAB 2022

As published on the website, which has the value of an official bulletin board and the notice of competition is taken as a formal context of integration of the regulation, in consideration of the difficulties of movement related to the pandemic, this year, at the launch of the 2022 edition (November 2021), the MAB technical committee chose that foreign candidates compete only through video, allocating them, if the emergency was prolonged, the Special Prize Gioia di Danzare.

At the end of the voting, recorded an emergency situation not completely resolved in the world, the option was confirmed.

The general ranking has, however, suggested to allocate to foreign competitors (since the absolute winners of the 3 categories in competition) the institutional prizes, in ex aequo with those who, during the final on June 12, will compete live in Italy and will reach the podium.

As proof of the very high level of foreign candidates, while waiting to identify the winners “in presence”, we report on our website the performances analyzed by the Jury, through a link to the videoclips. 

Category Senior

ProtocolSurname and name
Kim Haryn (Winner of foreign candidates)
Watch the video
Alphandery Davide
Bacchin Alessia Dilva
Bruttomesso Riccardo Umberto
D’Onofrio Leonardo
Signorile Giordano
Spampinato Mirko

Category Juniores

ProtocolSurname and name
Kim Ha Eun (Winner of foreign candidates)
Watch the video
Budescu Alexandra
Braini Asia
Di Lorenzo Alessandro
Maione Sarah
Palmiero Silvestro

Category Primavera

ProtocolSurname and name
Ong Tiffany Jocelyn (Winner of foreign candidates)
Watch the video
Aloisi Sara
Bacchin Frida
Dinon Lorenzo
Franzi Virginia
Polverini Nicole
Sala Naoko

MAB 2022: Back to future

At the same time as the 2022 call for entries for the International Ballet Award for the Young, named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, the association of the same name is continuing its work in favour of the dance sector and is organizing a series of international events, not only open to Italian schools, but designed to support them.
If a dance school is the centre of lots of young people’s hearts, then it must also be the centre of the world: the living, active hub of their passions and purest dreams, of their time and commitment.
And this is how MAB, with a precise choice made by its President Silvio Beretta, wanted to see it: as a second home for the young, who spend most of their time in theatres, even at the cost of enormous sacrifices and renunciations, which can, today more than ever, be called choices.
In 2022, the legacy of the pandemic, still undeniably present and conditioning, is transformed into a precious inheritance: solutions were born from the problem, which have now become opportunities.
The academic year of the schools included in the support plan of the association named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, thanks to the Silvio Berlusconi Special Prize, begins with an intensive course, in collaboration with a prestigious New York reality: the Ballet Hispanico, in November, opens its doors to Italian students.
Under the guidance of their teachers and thanks to their professionalism, with the coordination of the current artistic director, the American Yarden Ronen, the young dancers will face a path of international opening, previously unthinkable.
“Returning to the school means opening up to the world, in all artistic and geographical senses,” recalls general manager Gisella Zilembo.
The November appointments literally open the dances for a series of world-class events in synergy with the most important personalities and institutions in the world of Ballet, until next July.
With a mix of activities in presence in schools, connected together online with every part of the planet wherever Dance calls, what until yesterday were dreams, today become concrete and achievable goals.


April 15, 2022
Deadline for sending videos (Registration deadline)
May 15, 2022
Publication of admissions to the Final stage
12 June 2022
The final

Jury 2022

Honorary Artistic Director is Mr Julio Bocca.
The 2022 jury will be announced at the conclusion of the registrations.

Italian winners MAB Prize, Maria Antonietta Berlusconi 2022

  • WINNER Spring category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Tiffany Jocelyn Ong): Lorenzo Dinon
  • WINNER Junior category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Ha Eun Kim): Sarah Maione 
  • WINNER Senior category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Haryn Kim): Alessia Dilva Bacchin
  • WINNER in Entertainment category: Silvestro Palmiero

During the evening, two important awards were presented, created for Ass. MAB by artist and designer Ivan Nadin:

  • PREMIO ALLA CARRIERA (CAREER AWARD), to mark 40 years on the stage, for artistic and cultural merits to the prima ballerina ALESSANDRA FERRI
  • PREMIO AMICI DI MAB (FRIENDS OF MAB AWARD), for his constant support for young people and valuable support for the association’s activities, to CARLO GORLA (Mediaset Information Programme Development Director)

Privately, Silvio Andrea Beretta, President of Ass. MAB received from the artist Dolores Puthod a lithograph portraying Ms Fracci, who has always been a generous and passionate member of the PremioMAB cast.

The historic work by Dolores Puthod was part of the lithographic folder and exhibition ‘Homage to the Teatro alla Scala in its Bicentenary 1778-1978’

Patroness – Rossella Brescia

Rossella Brescia, star of Dance, TV and Radio, has always been the sponsor of the MAB Award.

Rossella Brescia: a complete artist, able to move with versatility and talent from theatre, television, radio, conducting to ballet… what role has dance played in your life and profession?
Dance has played a predominant role in my life, it has formed me to face life itself. Dance is culture, passion and stubbornness. The teachings of this extraordinary discipline have also been invaluable to me in my other jobs. Dance takes kids off the streets and gives you a discipline for life.

For you, what is the value of the meeting with the young dancers of the Award named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi?
First of all, I am honoured by the renewed invitation, because I believe in the honesty and professionalism of this competition. I am grateful to MAB, and here I am acting as spokesperson for the young, because MAB has understood how difficult it is to get good opportunities! Meeting the young dancers backstage has always a certain effect on me, because I understand perfectly what they are feeling and I understand their immense joy at being able to perform in the final in front of great international masters!

“Dance as a way of life”… but, in your experience, are there really any conditions for making a living from dance today?
Unfortunately, the period we are living in is not rosy and therefore the crisis is in all fields, but I hope that the opportunities for art and culture will never run out.

What do you wish for the candidates of the MAB Award?
My greatest wish is that they return home with a good memory, with the idea of having had a great experience and above all full of confidence and extra stimulation! For the winner “toy toy toy” as we say in dance.

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