Artistic Residences

Artistic Residences

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Dance as an educational tool

Choreutic training of excellence and international performing art residences represent a combination intended for the promotion of contemporary performing culture through the consolidation of the historical, stylistic and technical foundations of Academic Classical Dance, within a Dialectic comparison that highlights the gender specificity of the terpsichorean lexicon. The core objective, related to MAB Association, is of a pedagogical nature and develops in the activation of a high cultural cross-cultural hub.

Dance, a body language and universally intelligible, is understood in the academic sense as the search for a code that mediates art as an absolute human value, of which TRAINING becomes a symbol and instrument, in the broader point of view than in itself promoter of human and social meaning.

With this in mind and with particular attention to training and pedagogy in the dance area, the MAB PERFORMING ART RESIDENCES are born, in collaboration with GisellaZilembo_Eventi Danza and first level international partners.

Enrolment to Artistic Residencies

Fill out the registration form with the correct data. An email will be sent to the address entered with the files to be filled in and returned signed to

Topics of study

  • History and anthropology of Dance

  • Anatomy applied to dance

  • Classical technique

  • Classical technique advanced

  • Modern Technique

  • Repertoire

  • Repertoire PCDC

  • Talk Back about technical content

  • Choreographic Laboratory (Neoclassical\Contemporary)

  • Stage Coaching

  • Stage Management

Courses of study

  • Kids, up to 12 years

  • Dancers, from 12 years old

  • Listeners, no age limit


Teachers – Artistic Residences MAB

The academic staff of the MAB artistic residences has always included renowned professionals in the dance and performance fields, dedicated, during the project, to the theoretical and practical study of the disciplines, ranging from academic technique to modern dace, to repertoire, to the choreographic laboratory, to stage management, to stage photography, to musicology, to the history and anthropology of dance, to dramaturgy, to teaching methodology and choreutic lexicology, to anatomy and applied to dance.

Organization – Artistic Residences MAB

Gisella Zilembo

General management

Location – Artistic Residences MAB

In the case of face-to-face activities, the MAB Artistic Residences will take place in Milan, at an affiliated facility. More details will be provided at the conclusion of the hearings, in December 2021.


If you want to apply to participate as a student in the MAB 2022 Artistic Residences send an email to and indicate in the subject “MAB 2022 Artistic Residences – Auditions”, specifying your personal and contact details in the message

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