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Teachers 2023

Gisella Zilembo

Graduated from the Liceo Classico “M.T. Varrone”, Rieti (60/60), she obtained the Laura in Letters at the University “La Sapienza”, Rome (110/110 e lode). He gained professional experience in the communication sector for RAI (Centro Ricerche e Innovazione Tecnologica, Torino) and RAI ICT (TO), and then advanced in multimedia communication (Master in Multimedia – Prog. MEDIA3 UE). He is dedicated to a specialized training in Coaching (Master C.U.I. – International University Center), with a thesis on creative techniques of talent development. He obtained the professional qualification and the relative registration to the ReNaCop (National Register of Professional Coaches), to then deepen the themes of Business Coaching (Mater Executive). Updates in Team Management (24ore Business School) and Social Media Marketing (SDA Bocconi).

She is a manager, with many years of experience in the field of Entertainment: General Manager of Ass. Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, for whom she also takes care of institutional relations, in collaboration with Fininvest, Mediaset and Mondadori. He is a lecturer and manager for the West Finland College, Performing Arts Academy (Huittinen, Finland), in reference to the coordination of cultural exchanges Italy Finland and lecturer for the University of Oulu (Finland), in the role of co-director of IPADD (International Performing Arts and Dance Diploma), with the proff. Schoombie and Keskikallio. He is guest lecturer for a second level Master in “Sport Psychology” at the Pontifical University of Turin (Lab. on Team Building and Coaching techniques, in collaboration with Prof. M. Braghero); he is guest lecturer of Team Building at ALASU (Alabama State University USA – Performing Arts department, dir. Prof. D. Todd); guest lecturer and resident manager for international projects Peridance Capezio, New York.


Monica Cagnani

He began his training in 1975 at the Ballet School of the Teatro alla Scala and soon took part in the ballets that the theater set up. You study under the guidance of famous teachers (Ljuba Dobrievic, Isabella Glowaska, Annamaria Prina, Amelia Colombini, Ricardo Nunez, Rechard Lee,…).
From 1980 to 1985 she participated in the Nervi Festival under the direction of Mario Porcile. She continues her training with Jozo Borcic, principal dancer of the Zagreb Opera, joining her company as a prima ballerina and later as a teacher in her school. Concurrently with her profession as a dancer, she deepens studies in pedagogy and anatomy applied to dance, fundamental elements for embarking on the path of teacher.
From 1999 to 2003 she is the artistic coordinator of the groups participating in the Lombardia Danza event organized in collaboration with the Lombardy Region.
Since 1999 you have been the director of Teatro Oscar DanzaTeatro. A reality in Milan that offers training and production of dance and theater shows.
On 7 December 2009 you received from the mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, the certificate of civic merit “Ambrogino d ‘d’oro” attributed to the School of Dance of the Oscar Theater in Milan for the educational project that is the basis of the school combined with educational professionalism.
She has been a member of the UNESCO International Council of Dance since 2011.
In 2015 she obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system certification and the accreditation to the professional training services of the Lombardy Region. She teaches academic technique in summer internships in various Italian regions.

Daniela Casagrande

Trained in classical technique and subsequently in contemporary technique, between Paris, Barcelona and Milan she perfected herself in the context of the MAB refresher programs and obtained a professional diploma in Performing Arts at the University of Oulu (Finland).

She is a dancer in Italy; San Galgano in Danza Festival – choreographer by M.Bittante, Theater / action festival InCostruzione “IL MURO, choreographer by F. Monteverde,” Il Collegio “- choreographer M. Bittante – Dancehaus (Milan),” Viva la Vita Gala by Phoo – Palagreberg – Bergamo, Yourdance Festival, “Nero”, “Rosso”, “Oro” productions conceived by Gisella Zilembo_EventiDanza for La Muratella Events, MonteBianco Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. City Theater of Huittinen in “Vibrations”, Tampere Taalo (Finland); “Vitamore” at the National Theater of Bucharest (Romania) for the closing of the semester of the European Presidency of Italy 2015.

From 2012 to 2016 she was a guest teacher of contemporary technique and laboratory at West Finland College, Huittinen, Finland, for intensive international dance training projects, receiving relative professional certification. Through the GisellaZilembo_EventiDanza circuit, she is a professor of contemporary technique at the MAB Aristic Residences from 2011 to 2015, at UNIMEIER (Integrated Medicine and Research University of Milan) in the program “Coreutical techniques applied to anthropological and relational analysis”. You collaborate with Daniel Ezralow Edu Project 2013 and Parsons Intensive Italy, at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in 2014 and Antico Borgo la Muratella in 2015, as an external teacher. In 2014 she is an accredited professor at the University of Oulu, Finland, for the teaching of contemporary technique and composition of the IPADD “International Performing and Dance Diploma”. In 2017 he teaches contemporary technique at the Principessa Dancing School, Milan, under the artistic direction of Maestro Roberto Fascilla. for the Laboratory project. Technique teacher and contemporary choreographer, 2018-19 in the sharing resources on performing arts project with the METTA Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption College in Manila, Philippines, directed by Ana Valdes Lim.

Since 2006 she has been collaborating, as a choreographer and stage manager in major fashion events with important international brands (for Wella, in the various COMOPROF editions, at On Hair theater and the Palacongressi theater – Bologna, for Class TREND PREVIEWS – Florence, Alternative Show – Royal Albert Hall – London, Colorcontouring Wella – Unipol Arena – Turin, Wella Studio – Milan, T&G Collection Presentation, TREND VISION AWARD Wella, GUESS Europe Line Meeting, ColorConturing Wella, Wella Masters – Rome, L’oreal Masters – Milan, Think Color Think Wella Tour 2018, Huawei, as head of the choreographer and assistant director.

You collaborate on scientific research projects in France and Italy relating to Neuropsyology and Music, movement capture, embodied movement.

Lorella Formica
Born in Milan on 12/6/1961, she graduated from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in 1980.
The professional philosophy
With regard to her role, she does not stand exclusively as a teacher who passes on the culture, tradition and technique of classical ballet, but also as an educator, with a holistic vision that considers each student in his totality and uniqueness, taking care to accompany him to the discovery and awareness of his potential and his talents, helping him with participation, understanding, determination, firmness, gentleness and love to his own realization in a circularity that sees its own realization in the realization of the other.
The training course contains in its completion a series of didactic-technical, cultural, pedagogical, educational, ethical-moral contents that make it a highly significant baggage both for the technical-artistic training and for the evolutionary path of each student. These are universal aspects that can be applied in every area and circumstance of life, including: discipline, self-discipline, respect for oneself and for others, taking responsibility and taking responsibility towards others, sharing, participation, tenacity, constancy, patience, determination, attention, listening, trust and self-esteem.
The professional path
From 1980 to 1989 he was part of the corps de ballet of the same Theater, also supporting solo roles.
In these years he participated in numerous international tours, dancing in the most prestigious theaters in the world and working with world-famous choreographers and dancers (Carla Fracci, Rudolf Nureyev, Paolo Bortotoluzzi, Luciana Savignano, Julio Bocca, Margot Fontaine etc.).
From 1990 to 1992 he danced as a soloist in David Sutherland’s company.
His teaching career began in 1981. He teaches in various and prestigious schools in Milan and the province; over the years he has gained a great deal of experience in teaching Classical Dance at all levels: amateur for children and adults, academics and professionals.
From 1998 to 2000 he taught at the S.P.I.D. (Scuola Professionale Italiana Danza), followed courses for children aged four to thirteen and private lessons.
From 2000 to 2003 he taught at the M.A.S. , where she attended courses for professionals and amateurs and classic at all levels. In addition, she held the role of teacher of the TV Show Academy.
Since 2004 she has been the Artistic Director of the Dance Academy of the Palestra Azzurra School. She is responsible for the whole academic and amateur classical sector.
Sensitive to the evolutionary and psychological aspect of the student and to acquire further tools to support and accompany the children in their didactic-educational path, since 2011 he has undertaken a training course as a consultant in Biotrancenergetics, which allows him to add depth to his teaching.
Since 2016 she has been the Artistic Director of the new ENTRY MAS project in the prestigious Milanese school MAS, a pre-academic path dedicated to children aged 9 to 13 with high educational and training depth.
As a further qualification of the already solid professional background based on a long teaching experience at all levels, in June 2009 he obtained a prestigious and exclusive Certificate of specialization and merit in teaching classical academic dance issued by the Academy of the La Scala Theater of Milan.
Title acquired in a two-year training course, with access, following a limited number of competitions, reserved exclusively for teachers who already have a qualified dance diploma.
Kristina Grigorova
Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), she began her studies in ballet at the school of the Sofia Opera House. She moved to Italy , she continued her studies at the Accademia Nazionale di Roma and under the guidance of étoile and ballet master Margarita Trayanova. In addition to dance, he also perfected his piano studies. In 1986 he joined the corps de ballet of the TEATRO DELL’OPERA DI ROMA, where he also performed solo and prima ballerina roles in numerous ballets. Also in 1986, he won first place at the “Gonzaga” prize, the first international dance competition in Mantua. Moreover, in 1997 the book “TECNICA DELLA DANZA CLASSICA” by F.Pappacena” was published and it was chosen for the photos inside the book and on the cover In 1988 he joined the company ATERBALLETTO directed by A. Amodio, participating in various productions and tours in Argentina and Brazil. In 1991 he participated in the summer season of the Arena Theatre in Verona dancing in the ballet “ROMEO AND JULIET” cor. Cranko with C. Fracci and G. Iancu. At the same time he continues to participate as a guest in various companies such as: COMPAGNIA DANZA ITALIANA directed by C. Fracci; IL BALLETTO DI ROMA directed by F. Bartolomei and W. Zappolini; ARTE DANZA by E. Terabust and G. Vantaggio; BALLET DE TEMPS MODERNS with V. Derevianko etc. From 1991 to 1996 she was part of the TEATRO alla SCALA in Milan, where she also danced as a soloist and prima ballerina. Always with the Teatro alla Scala ballet corps, he also participates in numerous tours in Italy and abroad, including in Japan, Egypt etc. Since 1996 he has worked permanently at the TEATRO COMUNALE di FIRENZE-MAGGIODANZA where he danced as a soloist , and in various roles as a prima ballerina . For several years she has taught classical dance and repertoire, participating in numerous internships, reviews and exams and competitions in Italy and abroad.
Anna Kolesarova

Born in Slovakia in 1984, she lives in Lecco. Her passion for dance was initially born as a game and she became a subject of study at the National Conservatory of Dance of the Slovak Republic.

He graduated from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan (institutional organization for modern-contemporary address, ay 2003 / dir. Anna Maria Prina), where he began his career, thus arriving at other theaters such as the Fenice in Venice, the Franco Parenti in Milan and the Coccia di Novara, where she danced for more than three years collaborating, among others, with internationally renowned dancers such as Raffaele Paganini and Luciana Savignano.

Parallel to his career in the theater he had the opportunity to enter the world of television dancing in the fiction Non stop dreaming and in television broadcasts such as Crozza in Wonderland (La7), Gran Concerto for Rai (Rai) and Zelig (Canale5). 

In 2013 she founded SeFem dance company performing in theaters such as Out Off, Teatro Martinitt and participating in contemporary dance festivals (Festival of the Urban Theater of Abbiategrasso and Argojazz Festival).

In addition to having been the protagonist in various TV commercials (Breil, Clementoni, Ma-Fra, Gehry, etc) in recent years she has combined dance with numerous experiences as a choreographer of video clips and commercials (L’anima volo di Elisa, Alfa Romeo Giulietta) , events for international brands (BMW, Levis, GetFit, Manor, Celebrity Fight Night).
She is currently the main connoisseur of the interaction between laser programming and dance. (Ferrari, Talz, Patek Philippe, Bartorelli)

In 2005 she began her experience as a contemporary dance teacher at Arte Danza Lecco, then in 2013 she joined the DanceSuisse association, where for three consecutive years she held professional courses in classical and modern dance. Since 2018 she has collaborated as a modern dance teacher at the Artistic Residences of the MAB Prize and participates as a choreographer in the Re-Star 2020 project. Since 2019 she has been teaching classical technique, pointe and repertoire at Studio Danza Arabesque. Her didactic and pedagogical experience also involves her in the role of the jury at the Pollino Danza Festival, Festival Ballet, Festival Show.

Specifically, as a teacher, thanks to the multifaceted experience, for Italian and foreign dance training centers, he is also involved in the consolidation of the academic bases useful for the improvement of the curricular path and the development of the kit useful for the best expression of the artistic personality of the students, whatever the stylistic context of reference.

In recent years she has deepened her studies of holistic subjects of well-being such as Yoga, Reiki (second level) and “Transformational Breath” breathing technique, of which she will soon become certified facilitator, making a further positive, empathic and supportive contribution to both the structure and to the students.

Fabio Gregu
I work at my professional studio in Milan since 2009 as Dr. Nutritionist Specialist in food science, visiting my patients daily. I collaborate with princess clinic milano as an anti-aging nutritionist and expert of Nutritional supplements and supplements. I collaborate with various polyclinics, medical offices and private clinics in milan and lombardy For consultations and visits. Moderator of the television column ”direct thread” on conscious nutrition. Scientific director diamond life, diamond sport and diamond lab. Co-creator and scientific director of the genetic and epigenetic diagnostics project Diamond lab. Member of the diamond life scientific committee, supplement company, since 2016. Collaborations with supplement companies as a consultant. Collaborations with vocational training schools as teacher or trainer, for Updates for surgeons, biologists, dieticians, pharmacists related to nutrition and Integration. Collaborations and interventions on nutrition and food health for different Companies and conventions such as: bayer, unicredit, Hager, cleaners and similar spa, dance school Mas, princess dance school Author of the book: the secrets of well-being at the table Consultant of nutritional supplements, phytotherapy and functional floritherapy. Alkalizing power supply consultant. Consultant for anti-aging feeding. Food intolerance test consultant, test on intestinal dysbiosis, test on Membrane lipidomics, DNA testing, cellular regenerative testing and anti-aging. Consultant for slimming and toning nutrition. Nutrition consultant for amateur and competitive sportsman. Nutritional consultant for patients with diabetes, hypertension, transplants, heart disease, colitis, Hypothyroid and with various dysfunctions. Consultant for patients with previous or ongoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Nutritional consultant for children over 6 years and adolescents.Consultant for obese and obese patients. Personal trainer from 2001 to 2009 in various gyms and sports facilities.
Nicoletta Pizzariello

Graduated at the National Academy of Dance in Rome follows the course of specialization Soloists branch under the expert guidance of Maestro Zarko Prebil, Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vassiliev earning the Diploma in 1986 In the Academic Year 1984/85 attended, as a scholarship winner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the courses of the Accademia Vaganova of S.Pietroburgo. In May 1985 he began to work as a tersicorea at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome He holds several roles as a solo dancer and as a prima ballerina in the productions of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome ( Don Quixote, Coppelia, Swan Lake, La Silphide, Lo Schiaccianoci, Giselle, Paganini, Romeo and Juliet, Fellini, La Bisbetica Domata, Aida, Day Dreams, La Strada, Giovani Goreografi Europei, Italian Chronicles, Ballet Triptych). For the Accademia Nazionale di Danza, he is a teacher of classical dance technique, classical dance methodology and classical repertoire, as well as choreography assistant. In 2018 he is maitre de ballet, choreography assistant for the company “Tony Martin ballet” leaving for a 50-day tour in the People’s Republic of China for a total of 30 performances. From November 2022 he is appointed Coordinator of the AND Classical Dance School

Francesco Posa

Graduated in contemporary dance disciplines at the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

Teacher of Contemporary Dance Technique at the “Candiani-Bausch” dance high school and the Antonio Locatelli dance high school.
Teacher of Contemporary Dance at the international event “Danza In Val di Noto” directed by Prof. Nicoletta Pizzariello.

Professional dancer

Dancer shows National Academy of Dance:
– The Magic Flute Teatro della Conciliazione Rome
– Opening of the World Swimming Championships choreographed by Wayne McGregor
– Special Prize of the Jury of Journalists Indro Montanelli choreography Adriana Borriello
– Dancing With The Stars Bollywood 2010
– Bocelli concert at the Colosseum 2010 choreography Ricky Bonavita

Show dancer AMOUR (omnia vincit amor) by Marco Serra.
Choreographer and dancer for “Strings” with Stefania Previtera (video choreography).
Award winner Alberto Testa directed by Tony Martin with the choreography “soul tango” with the dancer Nik Folini (video dance).
Choreographer and video dancer “Casta diva” on Lake Como with the extraordinary participation of Étoile Luciana Savignano.
Choreographer and dancer of the video “Vitalità Disperata” dedicated to Pasolini’s Gospel According to Matthew with the extraordinary participation of Étoile Oriella Dorella.
Dance Coach at the TV Program “TheCoach”, 7Gold, produced by Luca Garavelli, directed by Marco Zarotti. (2022/23).
“Il Filo Rosso” show against violence against women choreography “Reflection of the Soul” with the dancer Nik Folini (video dance).

Cristina Sarasso

He trained at the “Città di Vercelli” Dance Academy in classical and Spanish dance with teachers Pilar Sampietro and Ludmill Ciakalli.

In Milan she specializes in classical and modern dance with teachers Wiebe Moeys, Prisca Picano, Marisa Caprara and Rosita Mariani and follows a specialization course at the Teatro Alla Scala; in London she deepens the different techniques, studying with Raymond Chai, Renato Paroni, and contemporary at “The Place” and at the “Laban Center”.

At a young age she participated in numerous festivals and reviews, which led her to travel a lot, in Italy and abroad, thus increasing the technical knowledge of dance.

In 1998 she was a finalist in the VIII International Dance Competition “City of Rieti”.

In 2000 she was in Bordeaux at the “Institute Supérieur d’ Art “directed by Monica Panader.

In 2001 he danced in Madrid for “Santamaria Compañia de danza” under the artistic direction of Juan Carlos Santamaria, also playing a main role in the show “El amor brujo”, toured in Cyprus for the “European Limassol” International Festival and at the 17th international festival “Madrid en dance” at the Albeniz Theater alongside Lienz Chang and Merche Esmeralda.

In 2004 she works for the Roman theater company “La Chapliniana” directed by Antonio Orfanò.

In 2005 she knows the particular style of Alessandra Costa and dances for her in some shows: “Three rooms”, “But how many stories”, “Perforbar”; she also began to collaborate with the Celtic musical group “Alice Castle”, as a choreographer and interpreter of numerous shows.

Since 2006 she has been part of the Compagnia Arcadia in Milan, staging educational shows.

In 2013 she obtained the certification for teaching Power Pilates.

Parallel to his artistic career he has carried out teaching activities aimed at both children and adults in Madrid, in Vercelli at the Academy of Dance, in Pavia at “Idea Danza”, in Novara at “Centro Danza Buscaglia”, in Arluno at « D di Danza »and« AccaDemia di Danza », as assistant of the teacher Sabrina Bosco, in Milan at« Dance Point »,« Arcobalenodanza »and« Studio G ».

She worked as a choreographer for various projects, such as “Crescendo in musica” for the LaVerdi Foundation, “Children Ballet in Theater”, as a teacher for the study of the classical repertoire for students of the schools of Piedmont and Lombardy, and in Moscow in December 2017 .

In St. Petersburg in 2019 she is a teacher in the international Dance Advance internship.

She has been teaching for the nursery class of the MAB Prize artistic residences since 2019.

Last refresher course for teachers carried out in 2016 with the teacher Anna Maria Prina.

She currently dances for the Arcadia Productions Company on tour throughout Italy, she works as a teacher of ballet, floor barre and pointe technique.

Dott.ssa Laura Schiavone

Born in 1986, originally from Castellamare di Stabia (NA).
He graduated in 2009 in Physiotherapy with vote 110/110 and cum laude at the second University of Naples with a profit award for the academic year 2008/2009.
After graduation he moved to Bologna to deal with orthopedic and traumatological rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation of the shoulder and hydrokinesitherapy.
At the age of 23, following the earthquake in Abruzzo, he volunteered as a physiotherapist for people who had been transferred to the tents.
At the age of 25 he went to a children’s hospital in Tanzania to take care of children with neurological problems and dysmorphism of the lower limbs.
In 2011 he undertook osteopathic studies at the Italian College of Osteopathy in Bologna and went to Ghana to volunteer and train local staff on post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation.
At the age of 27, in Naples, he worked for a women’s Serie A3 basketball team. In the same period, he carried out a training in Rome on the rehabilitation of the hand in sports.
In 2012 he moved to Milan and worked as a freelance osteopath in his practice, where both pediatric and adult patients and usually dance professionals were involved, including dancers, choreographers and teachers.
From 2012 to 2015 she volunteers at the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri in Milan, where she performs mainly osteopathic treatments.
In 2016 he completed his osteopathic training with a thesis performed in collaboration with the Gaetano Pini Orthopedic Institute where he recruited and treated patients suffering from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.
From 2016 to 2020 he founded a paediatric osteopathy clinic at the I.O. Gaetano Pini, where patients suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other rheumatic diseases of childhood and adolescence.
Since 2020 he has been collaborating with the magazine Natura Docet.
He constantly participates in conferences, conferences in the field of osteopathy and pediatrics as well as in post-graduate courses including:

  • Visceral Manipulation 1-2, Barral Institute Italia, 2023
  • Osteopathy and the new vision of the Autonomic Nervous System, Milan, 2022
  • Advanced Course Of Palpation Level III, Italian College of Osteopathy – Parma, 2018
  • Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine I, II, and III, Level, CIO – Parma, 2018
  • Autonomic Nervous System News: from experimental laboratory to clinical applications, CIO – Parma, 2017
  • In-depth Analysis Osteopaths in Pediatric and Geriatric, CIO – Parma, 2017
  • Advanced Palpation Course: Second level, CIO – Parma, 2017
  • Vision Therapy Osteopathy and Children, Claude A. Valenti, Brescia, 2017
  • Osteopathic Palpation I Level: from tissue to present movement, IOC – Parma, 2017
  • Osteopathy and pediatrics: Osteopathic Approach to Children and Newborns, Brescia, 2016
  • Osteopathic interpretation in rheumatological and neurological clinics, CIO – Parma, 2016
  • Theoretical course – practical update on kinesitherapic treatments of the joints of the foot, CIO – Bologna, 2012
  • Kinesio Taping Method (Kt1-Kt2 levels), Naples, 2012
Valeria Pala


  • Teaching Diploma della Royal Academy of Dancing di Londra
  • Diploma as a dancer in Classical Ballet from the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, with achievement of the title of “Advanced 2”
  • Certificate in individual and group functional psychomotor skills
  • Seminar of Theatrical Lighting applied to the Show Live, teacher Salvatore Manganaro (Dir. Art. Aldo Masella) He deepens classical training according to the Vaganova method with internationally renowned teachers such as Maestro Gabriella Valenti and Maestro Walter Venditti. He participates in numerous internships in America, among others at “Peridance Capezio Center” and “Step on Broadway” in New York.

Professional experiences:

Professional dancer with both theatrical experiences (in companies such as “Fuori Scena”, “Felix Company”, “Teatro dell’Opera di Milano” and “Complesso del Balletto Ambrosiano” directed by Maestro Walter Venditti) and television (Canale 5 “, Antenna 3 “and” Rete A “), is dedicated to teaching under the artistic direction of some of the most authoritative masters of dance, including Maestro Roberto Fascilla and Maestro Ludmill Cakalli.
As a choreographer she collaborates with important institutions in the field of opera and operetta, choreographing among others: “La Traviata”, “Aida”, “Rigoletto”, “Carmen”, “Don Giovanni”, “La Vedova Allegra”, “Il Paese dei Campanelli” and “Cin-Ci-Là”, staged in some prestigious national theaters such as: “Teatro Nuovo”, “Teatro San Babila”, “Rocchetta del Castello Sforzesco”, “Teatro Smeraldo”, “Teatro Ciak “,” Teatro Delle Erbe in Milan “, and also” Giuditta Pasta “in Saronno,” Civic Theater “in La Spezia,” Teatro delle Celebrazioni “in Bologna,” Besostri Theater “in Mede,” Teatro della Concordia “in Venaria , “Teatro Nuovo” in Udine, “Teatro di Varese”, “Teatro Civico” in Vercelli, “Teatro Manzoni” in Monza.
He is a guest lecturer in numerous dance schools throughout the country with which he collaborates by holding ballet, character and barre classes on the ground.
Dott.ssa Laura Sgaragli


She began attending Rome’s National Dance Academy-Institute of Higher Dance Training at the age of six, where she studied continuously for 14 years, at the same time attending courses in classical dance, the History of Dance and Costumes, Historic Dance Styles (in particular 18th and 19th century), History of Music, Solfège, Anatomy and Physiology of Movement, and Stage Space, and graduating from an Artistic Experimental Dance High School in 1981. She then remained at the Academy for subsequent courses in introductory dance training, and in 1984 earned the associated certificate and subsequent teaching qualification for dance and related theoretical subjects from the Ministry of Public Education. At the same time as she was taking courses in dance training, she enrolled in the Literature and Philosophy Department of Rome’s “Sapienza” University before then transferring to the University of Padua for professional reasons, where, during the 1994-95 academic year she earned her degree in Literature with a focus on the History of Music, with the thesis: “Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky’s Contribution to the Music of Classical Ballet”.

Professional Experience:

In 1984 she became the director of the “Egilda Cecchini” School of Dance with locations in Mestre and Padua.

In 1991 she inaugurated her own school of dance in Mestre, the “CENTRO ELABORAZIONE DANZA” with which she choreographed the following shows, all based on original subject matter: “La mia Ombra”, “Due Punte di Sospetto”, “Galassia 410: Tersicore”, “Una nuova rotta per Tersicore”, “La fontana di Shas-Tar”, “Gli stati dell’animo”, “L’eclissi del drago”, “Notturno nella Cattedrale”, “La Scogliera”, “Dieci anni dopo”, the musical “Omaggio a Henry & Blake”, “Il dodicesimo flauto”, ”Le note di cristallo”, “Volgendo lo sguardo al passato, … ricordo”, “Aurora e l’enigma Faliero”,and “Un’insolita Indagine”. The last three featured a new expressive technique that brought together dance, acting, and video, in collaboration with Dosaka Maike, a multimedia artist, and in which actors and dancers alternated on stage and in the videos that served as the set.

Television Appearances and Public Events:

In 1987 she began a collaboration with the Municipality of Venice’s Office of Tourism and Culture, for which she choreographed pieces on occasion of various editions of Venice’s Carnevale celebrations.

In February 1989 she participated as a dancer in the Carnevale episode of “Biberon” on RAIUNO.

In July 1990 she was called as “maitre de ballet” at the Hotel Cipriani alla Giudecca in Venice on occasion of a conference organised by the Bancari Francesi Association.

In 1995 she appeared as a guest with one of her choreographed pieces on the RAIUNO broadcast  “UtileFutile”. During that period she also began to collaborate with the organisers of the “Stefania Rotolo” Trophy and with its sponsor Lillo Busuito.

Also in 1995 she and her students participated in the three evenings of “Stelle sull’Acqua”, also on RAIUNO , presented by Carmen Russo and with choreography by Enzo Paolo Turchi.

In 1999 the Municipality of Venice called her to conduct courses in Dance and Body Expression at the “La Luna nel Pozzo” recreation centre in Venice, a job that was renewed the following year. Also in 1999, with the “La Corte delle Fate” Company, she staged the show “Il sogno del Marinaio” by Fernando Pessoa, directed by Ilinca Gheorghiu, and performed at the Santa Margherita Auditorium in Venezia and the Teatro Dei Rinnovati in Asolo (TV).

In 2001 she performed her own choreography in “Il Respiro del Mare”, a multimedia show presented in the Sala Volpi of Venice’s Palazzo del Cinema.

Among her various activities in 2002, in July she choreographed the pieces for the 3rd “Omaggio alla Musica nell’Intermezzo d’Estate” Concert, held by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Chisinau (Republic of Moldava) and conducted by Roberto Salvalaio.

In February 2004 she collaborated as dancer and actress with the “Il filo della memoria” Association in the production of “Applause, applause: questa sì che è vita!” directed by Anna da Malta at the “Circolo Artistico di Venezia” in the Palazzo delle Prigioni. She repeated the performance in March of the following year, also at the Palazzo delle Prigioni.

Also in 2004 she choreographed and directed the corps de ballet for the “Per il loro sorriso” event held in Sibenik (Croatia) and presented by Kristha, while in November she participated as a dancer in the shooting of the film “Casanova”, produced by Touchstone Pictures and directed by Lasse Hallstrom, in the scene of the great ball at Palazzo ducale on occasion of Venice’s Carnevale celebrations.

In June 2008 she was invited by the Municipality of Venice to present the video of the show “Aurora e l’Enigma Faliero” at Venice’s Scuola dei Calegheri.

In March 2009, on occasion of the “Math and Culture” Conference at the S. Margherita Auditorium in Venice, she choreographed “Dianaballo”, a number opera for a string quartet, brass quartet, speaker, and six dancers. The show was performed again in September at Ancona’s University of Engineering for the opening ceremony of the new academic year.

Also in 2009 she was called to direct the choreography of the Finmeccanica Conference held in Tessar (VE) and presented by Jerry Scotti

In January 2010, once again with the “Palladium” Association, she choreographed the show “Il colore del suono improvviso” at the Cini Foundation on the Island of S. Giorgio in Venice, while on 25 August she participated as a dancer in the opera “La Traviata”, performed at the Teatro dei Rinnovati in Siena with the Chigiana Musical Academy and directed by Gianluigi Gelmetti with choreography by Alfonso Paganini.

In September 2011 she participated in the production of “Time Travel – Historia Magistra Vitae”, a costumed workshop curated by the Bridging Ages Association upon request of Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University.

In September 2012 she choreographed “Per Amore e per Arte” in the Ca’ Rezzonico’s ballroom in Venice, in collaboration with the Palladium Association and the string quartet of the Venice’s Conservatory of Music.

In June 2013, with the “Compagnia Instabile” directed by Fabrizio Murtas, she choreographed the musical comedy “La seconda volta” which was performed numerous times in various cities.

In April 2016 she choreographed “Time Travel” in the Ca’ Zenobio’s Hall of Mirrors, as well as “Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda” staged at Venice’s “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory of Music, and repeated the following month on the Piano Nobile of the CA’ Mocenigo – Costume Museum in Venice. 

In May 2017, with the “Sul Filo della Memoria” Association, she participated in the comedy “Se avessi fatto Dexter” directed by Federico Corda, staged at the Teatro a l’Avogaria in Venice.

In February 2018, as part of Venice’s Carnevale celebrations she choreographed “La Casa delle Girandole” directed by Antonella Barina at the Ateneo Veneto with the participation of stage actress Maria Pia Colonnello.


In 1988 she was a choreography finalist in the International “Beato Angelico” Competition at the Municipal Theatre of Rieti.

In August 2000 she choreographed “Cercami” for Giorgia Bogoni, with which the dancer won the “Stefania Rotolo” Trophy, at the “Teatro della Verdura” in Palermo, broadcast on RAIUNO and presented by Michele Cocuzza.

Between 2001 and 2003, she won various awards in the editions of the °Vetrina Coreografica Città di Olbia” held at the Municipal Theatre of Porto Rotondo, including those for “Best Musical-Style Choreography”  and “Best Musical-Style Choreography for a Soloist”.


From 1986 to 1997 she collaborated with the “Franchetti” Classical High School in Mestre as choreographer in the staging of numerous classical shows at the “S. Maria delle Grazie” Cultural Institute, including: “Antigone”, “Iphigenia in Aulis”, “D’Annunzio 1904”, “The Daughter of Iorio”, “Oedipus Rex”,and “The Clouds” by Aristofane, directed by Roberto Milani.

From 2005 to 2010 she collaborated regularly as choreographer with “Musica in Maschera” at the Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista in Venezia.

Since 2007 she has developed a series of multimedia lessons on twenty or so subjects related to the history of music applied to dance in various cities throughout Italy: Avigliana (TO), Sestriere (TO), Olbia (SS), Marina di Pietrasanta (LI), San Galgano (SI), Miramare di Rimini (RN), Dalmine (BG), Chianciano Terme (SI), Rimini, Spinetta Marengo (AL), Galliera Veneta (PD), and Cittadella (PD), first in collaboration with M.A.B. and subsequently also with AUSER a.p.s. and the Università Popolare dell’Alta Padovana.

Since 2010 she has been a member of the faculty of the M.A.B. “Modern Dance Training” Artistic Residency, in collaboration with Gisella Zilembo EventiDanza.

Danilo Spada


  • Docteur de recherche en Psychologie – PhD (with distinction in scientific research), from the Human Sciences Faculty, Université de Nanterre – Paris X, France
  • D. in Psychobiology (magna cum laude), from the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of the University of Milan, Italy
  • Specialised degree in Philosophy with a focus on psychology (magna cum laude), from the University of Milan, Italy
  • Diploma in composition for Big Bands, from CDM (Centro Didattico Musicale), Milan, under Maestro Filippo Daccò
  • Middle School Diploma in saxophone, Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, Milan

Professional Experience

  • Since 2015 he has been an adjunct professor of Psychology of Music, Psychology of Performance, Evolutionist Psychology, and Neuroscience of Music at the University of Pavia, Université de Montbéliard Franche-Comté, and Université de Dijon.
  • Since 2007 he has helped to research and develop projects for the physical rehabilitation of stroke patients, the cognitive-motor stimulation of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, the early evaluation and discrimination of Alzheimer’s and fronto-temporal dementias, performance of music professionals, and special education for children with cochlear implants.
    He is currently a principal researcher for the University of Pavia and CRAMS in Lecco, is involved in Italy-Switzerland Interreg Projects (BrainArt and City4Care), and cooperates with the Centre mémoire CHUV Lausanne. He has collaborated with the Université de Bourgogne UFR Human Sciences Faculty; the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan; the Teatro alla Scala in Milan; the Biomedical Science and Technology Department and the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of the University of Milan; the Surgical Medicine and Neuroscience Department of the University of Siena; the Psychology Department of the Catholic University of Milan; the Psychology Department of the University of Milano-Bicocca, the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan; and Brain Tuning ( funded by the European Commission’s NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technology) program.
  • Since 2006 he has taught academic seminars for university students, composers, music therapists, musicians, and dancers.
  • He is the author of numerous national and international scientific publications and has collaborated as an author on various editorial projects.
  • Since 2002 he has participated as a speaker at conferences and conventions: Forum Alzheimer (Lugano), Denkfest (Mannheim), NeuroTech Symphony Symposium (Lausanne), La Caravane de la mémoire (Stanford, Palo Alto – USA), BrainArt Conference (Lecco), Milano Music Week (Milan), Culture Week (Sacile), Alzheimer’s Symposium (Reims), DSA Music Conference (Pavia), Music-Therapy Conference (Turin), 30th Conference of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine SOFMER (Montpellier), 16th World Congress of Psychophysiology (Pisa), and the Science Festival (Genoa).
  • From 2004 to 2008 he was a research assistant at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Milan’s Medical Department, directed by Professor Marco Poli.
  • From 2005 to 2011 he drafted and printed scientific contributions for the Italian magazine Ricerche di Psicologia, Psychology Department, the Catholic University of Milan, Professor A. Antonietti.
  • From 1990 to 2004 he was a professor of music, jazz saxophone, ensemble music, and improvisation at various public and private institutions in northern Italy.
  • Since 1998 he has been a saxophonist in various jazz bands (duos, quartets, big bands) and blues and gospel groups. He is a session musician for various recording studios and television broadcasts.
      Patrizia Tosi

      She graduated from the Scuola di Ballo of the Istituto Civico Brera in 1972 with examiner Roberto Fascilla.

      From 1973 to 1975 he studied in London and Montecarlo with Rossella Hightower and in Italy with Vera Colombo, Bruno Vescovo, Barbara Geroldi (…). In 1976 he joined the Ballet Corps of the Teatro Regio of Turin, then from 1977 to 1988 in the Ballet Corps of the Teatro alla Scala, covering roles in choreography by Rudolf Nureyev, Glenn Tetly, Balanchine, Louis Falco, Roland Petit, Josef Russillo, Alvin Ailey and dancing in New York, Colon of Buenos Aires, São Paulo Brazil, San Francisco, St. Louis, Atlanta, Ottawa. From 1980 to 1994 he taught at the School of Dance Tosi of Novara, under the guidance of Vera Colombo, then founded with Vittoria Minucci the International Dance Center, with which collaborate internationally renowned teachers, including Leonid Nikonov, Francois Sedeno, Vera Karpenko, Paolo Podini, Elena Putina. From 2008 to 2010 he participated as guest in the production “ROMEO AND GIULIETTA” with the choreography of Giorgio Madia, in the role of Nutrice with the Ballet of Milan, taking part in Italian and foreign tours. From 2004 to 2012 he taught at the Istituto Civico Musicale Brera, then he was appointed deputy director of the dance school, having already collaborated, in 1998, with the artistic direction of Vittoria Minucci. From 2013 to 2020, teacher of the three-year course for actors and dancers of the dance school at the School of the Musical Theatre of the Company of Rancia, based at the Teatro Coccia in Novara. He collaborates as a teacher at the YourDance Festival campus (in Sestriere and Riace) and Academeeting (Milan), organized by GisellaZilembo_EventiDanza, for MAB association, Maria Antonietta Berlusconi. In 2018 /19, he is Professeur del Balletto di Milano. From 2020 he is a teacher at Studio Danza Novara A.S.D., MAB accredited center, with which he participates in the annual refresher programs at Peridance (New York/USA).

      Since 2022, he has been a specialist lecturer at the MAB Artistic Residences (Teatro Arcimboldi, Milan) and in the context of the MAB cultural exchange initiatives in collaboration with BBB (Ballet Beyond Borders – Dir. Charlene Carey)giving lectures on Academic Technique and Tips in Los Angeles/USA (Redondo Dance1), Missoula/USA (University of Montana), Havana/Cuba (Litz Alfonso Dance Cuba).
      Stefania Ballone

      Stefania Ballone began her dance studies at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome and continued at the Scuola di Ballo del Teatro alla Scala where she graduated in 2000. He becomes directly part of the body of dance of the same theater where he still participates in all productions also playing solo roles. He obtained the Diploma of Lower Degree in Modern Literature (2011) and the Diploma of Master of Science in Theatre and Performing Arts (2014) at the University of Milan. She participated in the International Dance Festival of Miami (2000) and the Biennale Danza Festival of Venice (2007) as a dancer and assistant to the choreography of Francesco Ventriglia. He received the Prize for Dance in Syracuse (2000), the Prize for Dance in Volterra (2011), the EuropainDanza Prize (2016) for the interpretation of the role of the Stepmother in Cinderella by Mauro Bigonzetti, the Mads Prize for Dance in Salerno (2019). She participates as a dancer in the multimedia work Foreign Bodies by Yuval Avital in Blenio in Switzerland and at the Biennale Arte in Dresden. In 2011 she began her choreographing activity. His choreographies are danced at the Teatro alla Scala, the Teatro Regio in Parma, the Teatro dell’Arte in Milan (Triennale), the auditorium in Cagliari, the Teatro Gerolamo in Milan, the Maschio Angioino in Naples for Piano City, Bari for the Camerata Musicale, in Taranto for the Friends of Music, in Martina Franca for the Festival della Valle D’Itria, in Livorno for the Goldoneta, for the Piano City of Pesaro, at the Elfo Puccini Theatre in Milan, at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan, at the Teatre Akadémia in Barcelona, at the Castello di Otranto, to the Cloisters of the Theatines of Lecce. He participated in the MilanOltre Festival in 2016 and 2021, the DanzaeDanza Prize, the final of the Sens Choreographic Competition and the OnDance Festival by Roberto Bolle. His choreography is performed at the Macro Museo di Roma (2019), at the PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan (2021). She is co-artistic director and curator of the dance of the multimedia work of Yuval Avital, Human Signs, which involves over two hundred artists from all over the world of dance and voice, born during the first confinement for health emergency from Covid19. The work was hosted within the Biennale Manifesta 2020 and the Loop Festival of Barcelona 2021. For the scientific journal Danza e Ricerca of the University of Bologna he publishes an article on the work Human Signs in the Visions section. Since 2022 she has also been an associate artist of the Milanoltre Festival for three years. Since 2023 it has been part of the Centre for Research on the Philology of Dance at the University of Bologna. In October 2023 he made his debut with the show Lascaux in coproduction with milanoltre, Aiep and the support of Orsolina28 at the Teatro Elfo Puccini. She is also artistic director of the show Ciao Walter at the Ansaldo laboratories, and in November she debuts with the show 1000 women in the palace at the Palazzo Borromeo in Cesano Maderno.