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19 November 2023 MAB celebrates its 15 years participating Gala AIEF, at the Castle of Lucento (TO)

Turin: magical city, perfect setting for dreams to be realized.

29 April 2023, on the occasion of the World Day of Dance, Piedmont in Dance, directed by Krizia Zuccaro and Giuliana Carello appoints godmother of the event Gisella Zilembo (general manager of MAB, with whom the event shares the attention to young people and the belief in the social value of Art).

In Piemonte in Danza, Ass. MAB comes into contact with AIEF, Foundation for Childhood and Adolescence, chaired by Tommaso Varaldo, whose vision is immediately shared, always promoted by MAB President Silvio Andrea Beretta and Gisella Zilembo, together with the technical and artistic committee: involve the BIG to help the small.

The occasion comes with the AIEF 2023 Gala, November 19, at the Castle of Lucento.

MAB turns 15 at the same time.

To begin to celebrate this important anniversary in such a special evening is a living expression of a great dream, of Mrs Etta Berlusconi and Maesteo Roberto Fascilla: to give space and listening to young people, to support them in their human commitment through Ballet .

In the national circuit of MAB schools, are selected to dance at the AIEF Gala, the young talents directed by Mara Fasulo – Art and Passion Academy (Chiara Liberto and Ismaele Narcisi) and by Barbara Ante – Event Dance Bolzano (Noemi Cobelli). The dancers are seated on the same stage, on which the same evening Albano Carrisi sings and is awarded the dr. Enoc, for a precious and indispensable cause: to be concretely at the side of children and young people.