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1st edition MAB USA

The 1st edition of MAB USA was held in August 2022 in Los Angeles.

After enormous success in Italy, the prestigious MAB international award has reached the United States, with a delegation led by President Silvio Andrea Beretta and General Manager Gisella Zilembo, generating much interest and enthusiasm among the participants. This all-new edition was organised in collaboration with the “BBB-Ballet Beyond Borders” (President Charlene Carey), at the “Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center”, with a line up of outstanding judges and guests from all over the world.

MAB Artistic Residencies circuit schools were also involved, with Ballet Mistresses Giulia Malvezzi and Patrizia Tosi taking classes as MAB guest teachers at the Californian “Redondo Ballet One” school in Los Angeles, as part of an international cultural exchange programme alongside well-known ballet faces such as Caridad Martinez (The Havama ballet, CUBA), Chan Hon Goh (Goh Ballet, Canada), AMHAD Jouded (Syria- DACH, Netherlands) and many others.

During the final Gala, Gisella Zilembo’s choreography “Stelle a’mare”(Stars at sea), created during the MAB 2022 Summer Camps, with dancers from Italy and the USA, was performed as a tribute to the human values promoted by the association.

The 1st edition MAB USA winners are: • Primavera – Julia Jacobson (Canada)

• Juniores – Jasmine Potter (Canada)

•Seniores – Piper Leistiko (USA)

•Special Award – La Gioia di Danzare (The Joy of Dance) “Sabrina Beretta” – Nathaly Riezk (Siria)