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IGAL PERRY in Milan, Guest of MAB

On 23 January, the Artistic Residences (the now famous MAB “school”) will start in the prestigious location of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan.
The students, selected from all over Italy starting from June 2021, will be able to begin the traditional practical and theoretical course of study (conducted in close collaboration with the schools of origin), with leading names on the international dance scene. For the first appointment, Maestro Igal Perry, founder and director of Peridance, one of the most accredited realities of the Big Apple, will fly to Italy from New York. Perry, in addition to holding lessons in technique and repertoire, will conduct, in partnership with Ass. MAB, a special audition, intended to allow access to the professional study paths of the American academy. The collaboration with MAB, now active for some time, through the general manager Gisella Zilembo, is confirmed as solid and productive, with a view to supporting young people and talent.

An end of the year full of hope, transformed into completed projects: this is how 2021 ends and 2022 opens for MAB

In December 2021, MAB, a few days after the launch of the 2022 Call (available on presents, in Rizzoli Duomo, with the participation of the etoile Oriella Dorella as speaker and that of Igal Perry and Paolo Bosisio, connected by America and Asia, among other famous appearances, the book “La vita che Danza”, published by Mondadori and inspired by the most beautiful stories of the International Classical Dance Award, as well as by the values that Art can transmit.
The editorial project, among other things, in line with the nature and purposes of the association, intends to support research promoted by Fast Italia, for the treatment of Angelman syndrome.

Also in December, the Condominio Arte gallery in Milan hosts “The Inner Beauty”, an exhibition by the artist and designer Ivan Nadin.
Among the works, “Choros”, from the private collection of the Beretta Berlusconi family, dedicated to MAB and the idea of Dance, through a plastic and symbolic rendering of the dancer’s character: tenacious like iron, fluid like water and precious like they.
The event is followed by the Mediaset networks and broadcast in the form of reportage by Studio Aperto (Italy 1).

In the meantime, MAB confirms its mission and participates as a guest in the most important event of the year worldwide: Expo Dubai 2020.
Postponed by a year, due to the pandemic, the event does not lose its prestige and, on the contrary, is enriched with initiatives aimed at celebrating Art and Beauty, as the slogan that stands out in bright characters on the Italian pavilion states: “Beauty connects minds”.
With this in mind and with an eye that is always attentive to talent and young people, the international network of partners of the Milanese association reaffirms a unity of purpose in support of excellence.

The invitation comes, in this case, from the United States and from Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater (Montana), a company in charge of representing the country, with a dance show, staged on December 12 at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, with enormous public success. .
The general manager of MAB, Gisella Zilembo, is called to assist and discuss with the US delegation, led by Charlene Carey, director of the ensemble and already partner of the Milanese event, as judge, through Claudia Zaccari.

From the collaboration, which has been confirmed as a solid basis for a winning synergy, new projects for young Italians and Americans.
The first step is to participate in the trip to the United Arab Emirates, under the aegis of the Award named after Mrs. Etta, by Giulia Malvezzi (Dir. Of Galleria Spazio Danza, Vicenza), one of the young entrepreneurs, who is training in management in the tersicoreo field , with School of Excellence, on the basis of a path aimed at professional integration in the supranational context, which MAB continues to support.

In 2022, a US delegation is also expected in Italy to take part in the new edition of the Artistic Residences (the now famous dance courses, promoted by Ass. Maria Antonietta Berlusconi).

Immediately after Christmas, the centers of the “Salvascuole” circuit, born during the first lockdown and still active anti-crisis bulwark in support of the world of dance training, participate in the traditional Winter Camp, Academeeting, in a context of great enthusiasm, which continues to offer a didactics focused on a worldwide network, intended to offer young people the best training opportunities, as well as identify, through audition, the students of the 2022 Artistic Residences.

The latter, from January, can study in the new teaching center: the TAM, Teatro Arcimboldi di Milano (@teatroarcimboldimilano), always in partnership with the most important international realities in the sector, under the supervision of the president Silvio Andrea Beretta, in a year that begins under the best auspices, with the honorary artistic direction of Maestro Julio Bocca.

MAB 2022: Back to future

At the same time as the 2022 call for entries for the International Ballet Award for the Young, named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, the association of the same name is continuing its work in favour of the dance sector and is organizing a series of international events, not only open to Italian schools, but designed to support them.
If a dance school is the centre of lots of young people’s hearts, then it must also be the centre of the world: the living, active hub of their passions and purest dreams, of their time and commitment.
And this is how MAB, with a precise choice made by its President Silvio Beretta, wanted to see it: as a second home for the young, who spend most of their time in theatres, even at the cost of enormous sacrifices and renunciations, which can, today more than ever, be called choices.
In 2022, the legacy of the pandemic, still undeniably present and conditioning, is transformed into a precious inheritance: solutions were born from the problem, which have now become opportunities.
The academic year of the schools included in the support plan of the association named after Maria Antonietta Berlusconi, thanks to the Silvio Berlusconi Special Prize, begins with an intensive course, in collaboration with a prestigious New York reality: the Ballet Hispanico, in November, opens its doors to Italian students.
Under the guidance of their teachers and thanks to their professionalism, with the coordination of the current artistic director, the American Yarden Ronen, the young dancers will face a path of international opening, previously unthinkable.
“Returning to the school means opening up to the world, in all artistic and geographical senses,” recalls general manager Gisella Zilembo.
The November appointments literally open the dances for a series of world-class events in synergy with the most important personalities and institutions in the world of Ballet, until next July.
With a mix of activities in presence in schools, connected together online with every part of the planet wherever Dance calls, what until yesterday were dreams, today become concrete and achievable goals.

Farewell to Carla Fracci

Grateful for the great honor of always having her in the great MAB family, with her passionate love for dance and for young people, we can only express our emotion and the great pain of this moment. R.I.P.

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