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IGAL PERRY in Milan, Guest of MAB

On 23 January, the Artistic Residences (the now famous MAB “school”) will start in the prestigious location of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan.
The students, selected from all over Italy starting from June 2021, will be able to begin the traditional practical and theoretical course of study (conducted in close collaboration with the schools of origin), with leading names on the international dance scene. For the first appointment, Maestro Igal Perry, founder and director of Peridance, one of the most accredited realities of the Big Apple, will fly to Italy from New York. Perry, in addition to holding lessons in technique and repertoire, will conduct, in partnership with Ass. MAB, a special audition, intended to allow access to the professional study paths of the American academy. The collaboration with MAB, now active for some time, through the general manager Gisella Zilembo, is confirmed as solid and productive, with a view to supporting young people and talent.