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La Bellezza Salverà il Mondo

On 28 October 2022, Milan played host to “La Bellezza Salverà il Mondo” (Beauty Will Save the World), the event conceived by Gisella Zilembo and organised by EventiDanza, for the MAB Association, in collaboration with TAM Teatro Arcimboldi Milan. During the day, the masterclass audition took place for admission to the 2023 MAB Artistic Residencies, overseen by Ballet Master Matteo Levaggi. After the event, the 180 participants took part in a Meet & Greet at the Teatro Arcimboldi, exclusively reserved for circuit schools, with Gianmario Longoni (Artistic Director) and Paolo Rota (Technical Director).

To end the day, they attended the performance “Variazioni di Bellezza” (Variations of Beauty), a Teatro alla Scala production.

The initiative is a further example of MAB’s intention to support, promote and raise the profile of Ballet and its socio-cultural impact on young people and the wider public.