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The first round of summer events ( Summer Camp ) MAB 2023, which saw many young dancers reach the venues of Cavallino/VE (Le Terrazze del Mediterraneo Camping Village 5*) and Riace Marina/RC (Il Partenone Resort Hotel 4), to follow lessons,  masterclasses and workshops in the different choreutiche disciplines and support the audition to access the institutional training programs (including, the now famous Artistic Residences, the Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan and the new international Certificate Programme).
The work of Theater Coaching conducted internationally during the academic year 2022/23 and whose scenic outcome will be presented at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan on 15 December has been perfected at the camp.

Teachers from all over the world have made their knowledge available, in an atmosphere of great technical, artistic and human sharing, with students from all over Italy and abroad.

Among them:

In Cavallino:
Classical Technique : Alena Tarasova; and Nikki Holck; Contemporary Technique: Assaf Salhov; Urban: Hamza Erbbibi; New Style Hustle: Mike All; 
Theater coaching: Gisella Zilembo
(For the schedule schools: Progressive Ballet Tecnique: Maya Botta; Classical Technique: Barbara Ante and Lisa Stragapede)

In Riace Marina, Italy: 
Classic Technique: Kristina Grigorova, Patrizia Tosi, Monica Cagnani; Tecncia Contemporanea: Francesco Posa; Modern Technique: Nico Benedetti; Urban: Hamza Erbbibi; Urban Fusion: Skaar; Theater coaching: Gisella Zilembo

Next step: a week of intensive studies at the Performing Arts Academy Finlnadese, which will host the activities of MAB in August, giving space to young talents awarded with scholarships, to access academic programs.

On the academic board :
Contemprorary dance: Suvi Nieminen; 
Ballet: Raija Lehmussaari and Olga Mironenko; MUSICAL theater/singing: Andreas Forsberg, Evan Schoombie; 
Theater coaching: Gisella Zilembo

Cavallino photo

Riace photo