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From NY to Milan, via Seoul: 3…2… 1…MAB

Three continents, two months, an event that grows and that ranges: between April and May 2023, MAB Prize makes a stop in New York (with the USA final on April 7, at the KNJ theater at Peridance Center, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the famous American academy, that MAB celebrates by donating a sculpture of the artist Ivan Nadin to the founder and artistic director Igal Perry); in Seoul (with the competition on May 14 at the Sangmyung Art Center, Gyedang Hall, in coordination with Interballet); then in Milan (with the traditional gala evening at the Teatro Manzoni).

The idea of being close to those young people who choose to dedicate their lives to commitment and artistic excellence is the engine that brought president Silvio Andrea Beretta, Artistic director Julio Bocca and General Manager Gisella Zilembo to multiply MAB around the globe, in the name of a great dream, to give substance and concreteness.

The first stage is the Big Apple: on April 7, completely free of charge, thanks to the patronage of MAB Association, 15 selected dancers compete on the stage in the presence of a jury that includes world famous names (Nikki Holck, David Parsons, Igal Perry, Melanie Person, Victoria Vargas, Greg Zane with Gisella Zilembo) to win an important prize money (2000 $) in tangible support of their future.

The Award is received with such enthusiasm as to count among the finalists, not only the talents of the main American realities, but also competitors from France, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Italy and to attract great media attention.

Remarkable organizational efforts and deep commitment of all for an ambitious project and strongly desired by Silvio Andrea Beretta, so that the Award is also combined with study sessions in collaboration with Peridance Center, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Alvin Ailey School and a special masterclass with the director of the Joffrey Concert Group, Bradley Shelver. Among the guests of the event, the Broadway star Giuseppe Bausilio, the first winner of the MAB Award in 2010, who at the event recognizes the beginning of his brilliant career.

“Good luck to all” wishes the Master Julio Bocca and to win the podium, in New York, is the American Bec Gombar.

“It is said that Love moves mountains, we are trying to move them at a pace of Dance,” says the Zilembo, then adds:  “Today more than ever, if we can transmit a living example of how commitment, constancy and trust can change the world, all this makes sense and Art is confirmed as the most extraordinary of revolutions”.

(Ph. Matteo Rocchi)

Attached, in photo: 

David Parsons, Melanie Person with Gisella Zilembo, Igal Perry, Gisella Zilembo with Bec Gombar, all finalists of Premio MAB Usa 2nd edt.

Some finalists of MAB USa2023, namely:

Ana Cecilia Cardoso Urchichi, HELOISE Ponsonnet, Miku Hivayama, Bec Gombar, Martina Maculan, Andrew Schroeder, Alexia Quaglia.