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MAB 2021: Don’t ask us to go back… we are already looking very forward

For Association MAB, training young people has always been looking ahead with foresight, creating and offering opportunities to support talent.
Health has much more complex aspects than just the biological sphere, therefore, having safeguarded this with the greatest care, MAB decides to devote important investments (also relying on the now traditional Silvio Berlusconi Special Prize) to reaffirm its commitment to safeguarding “health cultural, emotional, intellectual, technical, artistic and social “of the new generations.
The 2021 edition is inspired by their ease, their ability to “dance”, remaining in balance on the variables of the moment.
The “Maria Antonietta Berlusconi International Classical Dance Award for Young People”, XI edition, faithful to its original intent, therefore, confirms itself as a support tool for the sector, even more so in the difficult moment of the pandemic, in concert with the residency activities Artistic.
The flagship of Association MAB, the courses are renewed and landed overseas, developing a training offer, for which students will be able (by connecting from their homes, in complete tranquility and in total respect of changed family needs), with supervision of their regular teachers, become students of Wendy Whelan, Associate Artistic Director of the New York City Ballet (with a program dedicated to classical academic technique), of Peridance (with lessons focused on contemporary lexicon and technical-stylistic contents by Igal Perry , founder and director of the prestigious New York institution) and Melanie Person, co-director of the Avin Ayley School (with study sessions aimed at deepening the Modern language).
After the happy experience of Re_Star (which in the summer brought young people closer to 10 top stars on the international scene: Natalia Osipova, Igal Perry, Robert Hoffman, Susan Jaffe, Julio Bocca, Martina Arduino, Wendy Whelan, Desmond Richardson, Marco Agostino, Misty Copeland), students will have access to an exclusive course of study, under the artistic direction of Yarden Ronen Van Hereen (newly appointed associate artistic director), the organizational one of Gisella Zilembo, the supervision of Silvio Andrea Beretta (President of Association MAB ) and the didactic contribution of MAB teachers, representing the Italian cultural side.The profile of a unique educational offer is completed by the opportunity to try your hand at the study of a choreography, under the guidance of a contemporary author of great importance, whose name will be announced shortly. The best student, in the interpretation of the piece, will be elected Absolute Winner of the MAB 2021 Award, winning a check with a value of € 6,000 *.
The word “crisis” comes from the Greek and is synonymous with “judgment”, or the ability to read and interpret reality. In reality, whatever it is, MAB likes to continue reading the true story he started writing 12 years ago, inspired by the story of Mrs. Etta and Sabrina. Today, the Association continues this commitment: it faces a new chapter in its history, with the certainty that, whatever happens, young people will not give up their happy ending.