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MAB guest in the USA for Ballet Beyond Borders

MAB Association, returns to the United States, guest of Ballet Beyond Borders directed by Charlene Campbell Carey, after the success of the first US edition of the famous International Ballet Prize, entitled to Maria Antonietta Berlusconi and strongly desired by President Silvio Andrea Beretta.

Leading the Italian delegation in Missoula, general manager Gisella Zilembo, who tells :

“It was a wonderful adventure, of great enrichment, that we are happy to have shared with students and professionals of the circuit, such as Patrizia Tosi (teacher RA) and Giulia Malvezzi (representing accredited schools), Guest lecturers for MAB at the University of Montana”

During her stay in Missoula, Dr Zilembo gave a lecture for MAB on “Theatrical Anthropology and Social Identity” in collaboration with the Civic Centre for Cultural Promotion, winning the invitation to L’Havanna in January 2024 and followed by the meeting with Ahmad Joudeh (international dancer and author of “Dance or die”).

La Zilembo, after the staging of the choreography “Stelle a’Mare” (inspired by the theme of refugees and refugees) at The George &Jane Dennisom Theater was also, as an Italian ambassador of choreographic culture, to report on the history of the Association, on the occasion of the Diolomacy Conference, held at the University of Missoula, in the presence of an audience from 30 countries.

The intervention (in which the figures of Mrs Etta and Maestro Roberto Fascilla were remembered, in their visinario and passionate approach to Dance and the support of young generations of artists) involved and moved international stars of Ballet intervened.

The US trip ended in New York, to lay the foundations for the second edition of MAB USA, scheduled for next April, right in the Big Apple.

MAB Association bids its last farewell to Maestro Bruno Vescovo

MAB Association, with heartfelt condolences, offers its last farewell, full of gratitude, to Maestro Bruno Vescovo, international artist and, for MAB, juror and teacher, as well as a sincere and generous friend.

Bruno Vescovo with Claudia Zaccari, Ivonne Ravelli, Gisella Zilembo, Roberto Fascilla, Patrizia Manieri and Rene` de Cardenas
Bruno Vescovo with Liliana Cosi, Rossella Brescia, Carla Fracci, Anna Maria Prina e Paolo Giordano, on the MAB stage


9-10-11 December 2022, at AC by Marriott Milan Sesto, the MAB Association winter camp returns: an intensive camp dedicated to the various choreographic disciplines, with teachers and professionals from the MAB circuit and instructors from accredited schools. During the event, auditions for the 2023 MAB Artistic Residencies and special events will take place, in collaboration with the association’s partners: writer Aurora Marsotto will present the book “Più luminosa di una stella” (Brighter than a star) (published for Piemme by Mondadori Libri S.p.A.) and meet the students for a Q&A dedicated to the legendary Carla Fracci; Ballet Master Matteo Levaggi will hold auditions for the production “Io… non sono solo Giselle’ (I… am not only Giselle), also dedicated to Ms Fracci, and for the masterclass in ballet and contemporary dance promoted by the La Scala Academy.

To participate:

Four seasons in different seasons

On Sunday 27 November at 3.30 p.m., the Nuovo Balletto Classico’s performance “Four seasons in different seasons”, directed by Dorian Grori, Rezart Stafa, Elena Casolari and Nicoletta Stefanescu, will be staged at the Teatro Manzoni in Milan. MAB circuit schools can attend the performance in combination with the special masterclass with Ballet Master and dancer Hektor Budlla and take part in the special meet & greet, produced and coordinated by Ms Liliana Cosi. The Masterclass and meet & greet will be scheduled to follow, in conjunction with 2023 MAB initiatives.

1st edition MAB USA

The 1st edition of MAB USA was held in August 2022 in Los Angeles.

After enormous success in Italy, the prestigious MAB international award has reached the United States, with a delegation led by President Silvio Andrea Beretta and General Manager Gisella Zilembo, generating much interest and enthusiasm among the participants. This all-new edition was organised in collaboration with the “BBB-Ballet Beyond Borders” (President Charlene Carey), at the “Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center”, with a line up of outstanding judges and guests from all over the world.

MAB Artistic Residencies circuit schools were also involved, with Ballet Mistresses Giulia Malvezzi and Patrizia Tosi taking classes as MAB guest teachers at the Californian “Redondo Ballet One” school in Los Angeles, as part of an international cultural exchange programme alongside well-known ballet faces such as Caridad Martinez (The Havama ballet, CUBA), Chan Hon Goh (Goh Ballet, Canada), AMHAD Jouded (Syria- DACH, Netherlands) and many others.

During the final Gala, Gisella Zilembo’s choreography “Stelle a’mare”(Stars at sea), created during the MAB 2022 Summer Camps, with dancers from Italy and the USA, was performed as a tribute to the human values promoted by the association.

The 1st edition MAB USA winners are: • Primavera – Julia Jacobson (Canada)

• Juniores – Jasmine Potter (Canada)

•Seniores – Piper Leistiko (USA)

•Special Award – La Gioia di Danzare (The Joy of Dance) “Sabrina Beretta” – Nathaly Riezk (Siria)

La Bellezza Salverà il Mondo

On 28 October 2022, Milan played host to “La Bellezza Salverà il Mondo” (Beauty Will Save the World), the event conceived by Gisella Zilembo and organised by EventiDanza, for the MAB Association, in collaboration with TAM Teatro Arcimboldi Milan. During the day, the masterclass audition took place for admission to the 2023 MAB Artistic Residencies, overseen by Ballet Master Matteo Levaggi. After the event, the 180 participants took part in a Meet & Greet at the Teatro Arcimboldi, exclusively reserved for circuit schools, with Gianmario Longoni (Artistic Director) and Paolo Rota (Technical Director).

To end the day, they attended the performance “Variazioni di Bellezza” (Variations of Beauty), a Teatro alla Scala production.

The initiative is a further example of MAB’s intention to support, promote and raise the profile of Ballet and its socio-cultural impact on young people and the wider public.

Finland Summer School

In August 2022, a delegation of teachers from the MAB Artistic Residencies school circuit took part in the professional development CAMP in leadership and management in the performing arts, at the “WFC-Performing Arts Academy” in Huittinen (Finland), under the guidance of MAB General Manager Gisella Zilembo (former teacher and coordinator at the Finnish institution) and professors Evan Schoombie and Christian Hannikainen

Italian winners MAB Prize, Maria Antonietta Berlusconi 2022

WINNER Spring category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Tiffany Jocelyn Ong): Lorenzo Dinon

WINNER Junior category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Ha Eun Kim): Sarah Maione  

WINNER Senior category (ex aequo with foreign entrant Haryn Kim): Alessia Dilva Bacchin

WINNER in Entertainment category: Silvestro Palmiero


During the evening, two important awards were presented, created for Ass. MAB by artist and designer Ivan Nadin:

PREMIO ALLA CARRIERA (CAREER AWARD), to mark 40 years on the stage, for artistic and cultural merits to the prima ballerina ALESSANDRA FERRI

PREMIO AMICI DI MAB (FRIENDS OF MAB AWARD), for his constant support for young people and valuable support for the association’s activities, to CARLO GORLA (Mediaset Information Programme Development Director)

Privately, Silvio Andrea Beretta, President of Ass. MAB received from the artist Dolores Puthod a lithograph portraying Ms Fracci, who has always been a generous and passionate member of the PremioMAB cast.

The historic work by Dolores Puthod was part of the lithographic folder and exhibition ‘Homage to the Teatro alla Scala in its Bicentenary 1778-1978’